Pastel Beauty Shoot.

I feel like i cant take much credit for this shoot because of how unbelievably talented these girls are.  Anna created a masterpiece with pastel hair extensions and Molly’s Make up artistry is always bang on. I love bleached eyebrows and white lashes, they make Victoria look out of this world.  Shes incredibly easy to photograph, she knows exactly what shes doing.  I want this year to be full of these types of shoots.

Hair: Anna Wade

Make Up: Molly Jane Sheridan

Model: Victoria Middleton, Model Team

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Winter is coming! Kirsty Stroma Photography

The weather has done a complete 180 since last week and its officially winter (we dont seem to get autumn in Scotland)

Ive been pretty quiet with shoots lately as ive been up down and all over the country with friends.  Hoping to get going again though and finally just do some work for myself.  Coudnt have picked a better time to start…its raining and the wind is howling!


Flash black of a shoot i did in similar conditions, Kirstin was amazing fighting the weather. I was wrapped up warm while i made her wear next to nothing!


The dress I made from a photographic print of the wall she is standing behind! This is the kind of stuff i love doing and i dont know why ive not been doing it!


Kirsty Stroma Photography Kirsty Stroma Photography

Rebecca – Portrait and Fashion Photography

A couple of months ago I had an evening shoot with Rebecca at one of my favourite locations in Edinburgh.  We were lucky enough to borrow some designs from Kirsty Elizabeth, which i absolutely love! The light was perfect and It turned out to be one of my favourite shoot, we got so many different looks.

This has also inspired me.  I want to start introducing this style of work into my client shoot, after all this is usually the work they see and like when they get in touch with me.  I want to be able to give people something different and a bit more special than your standard portrait session.  Il hopefully get some practice/ideas out in the next month. (although i fear i may have to be sticking to indoor shoot if this is the way the weather is going!)

I also had my first meeting with the Princess Trust, finally getting the ball rolling!

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