Kirsty Stroma Photography – Autumn Walk

My partner and i decided to go a walk last weekend to make the most of a nice sunny autumn day  (its now officially winter!).  We headed out to Warriston cemetery,  it took us much longer to get there as we got completely lost but we still had a nice stroll.

I only snapped around 3 photos with my camera but its somewhere i would love to come back to to do a shoot.  Hopefully i can get myself organised and you will see something soon!

Also got a cheeky

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Kirsty Stroma Photography – Instagram

Just another wee Instagram upload while i sort our some other photos. This is from last month when i went home to Caithness to visit some family. Usually I only get up at winter so its so nice to see it in the summer again! Photo taken on my first evening up when me and my boyfriend decided to take a late evening walk around the harbour. It was so still and misty and the water was such an amazing colour (no filter on the beach photo!) One of my favourite places in the world, i miss it just looking at these! kirsty stroma

kirsty stroma

Rebecca – Portrait and Fashion Photography

A couple of months ago I had an evening shoot with Rebecca at one of my favourite locations in Edinburgh.  We were lucky enough to borrow some designs from Kirsty Elizabeth, which i absolutely love! The light was perfect and It turned out to be one of my favourite shoot, we got so many different looks.

This has also inspired me.  I want to start introducing this style of work into my client shoot, after all this is usually the work they see and like when they get in touch with me.  I want to be able to give people something different and a bit more special than your standard portrait session.  Il hopefully get some practice/ideas out in the next month. (although i fear i may have to be sticking to indoor shoot if this is the way the weather is going!)

I also had my first meeting with the Princess Trust, finally getting the ball rolling!

IMG_2129 IMG_2108 IMG_2040 IMG_2039-Recovered IMG_2009 IMG_1809 IMG_1889 IMG_1930 IMG_1959

November Light – Kirsty Stroma Photography

Ive been busy posting all my old work but im getting excited about showing you something new soon.
Il be shooting with a lovely team and a local jewellery designer next week and i cant wait as its been a while since ive done any fashion style stuff.  went a wander down to the woods to source a location and take a few photos. I think i could do a million shoots here! The light is so beautiful at this time of year, although im not sure the model will appreciate it while doing her stuff in the freezing temperatures that go along with this kind of light!ImageImage