Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Sophia & Danny – Kirsty Stroma Photography

Its been a busy month of moving house and renovations so it felt so good to be behind the camera again at last weeks engagement shoot!  We went a stroll around the Botanics but decided rather than go to the obvious spots, wander round the wilder edges,get under some trees (no plants were harmed :P) so it felt like we were in the middle of a forest.  I love this time of year for shooting. the sun is getting low and it makes for such great light. We then went up and got a few by the glasshouse as its pretty amazing even from the outside.  Got lots of lovely photos ❤

Edinburgh Portrait Photographer – DIY Backdrop

When I look at the work of some of my favourite portrait photographers like Sue Bryce and Annie Leibovitz I lust over their Oliphant backdrops.   The hand painted backdrops are works of art in their own right so they are a bit out of my price range starting at around $1000!

So if i cant buy one why not make my own? I actually graduated form Art School with a degree in painting and its funny because my work was very textured/abstract as it was inspired by textures of walls. The only thing was, I worked on a tiny scale and i had a 12x9ft canvas to try and paint! Plus it had been about 3 years since i attempted to paint anything!

triptych small                                                            IMG_7968


I wanted to emulate Sues gold Oliphant as i adored the tones and thought it would be super versatile. I dragged a photo of the backdrop into photoshop and sampled the colours.  This gave me an idea of what colours to buy.  So i went to Wickes and spent 30mins staring at paint. I eventually left with 3 colours. A warm yellow/grey “pistachio” A grey “steel” and a white/blue “putty”

I bought a dust canvas from ebay for 6.99. It ended up being very loosely woven so i wasnt sure how it would take the paint.  Next time i will probably spend a little more and find a thicker canvas.

Painting itself was pretty much trial and error.  Im used to painting on wood and sanding back the paint to create texture so this was a completely new way of painting for me. I started of spongeing it on. i used a mixture of the pistachio and grey as i wanted the outer corners to be darker.

edinburgh portrait photographer edinburgh portrait photographer

You can see from the photos that i loaded it pretty heavy with paint. Next time i will use a roller straight away to get a thinner, more even coat.

I lightly rolled some of the white into the centre and left it to dry. When i came back the next day and tried to lift it and it was completely stiff! For the time being im not to bothered about it, i pinned it to my studio wall and it will probably stay there until i paint another one.  I can always slide my vflats in front of it.

Photo 15-02-2016 17 17 11

Im pretty happy with the outcome i have to say. 🙂 i think i got pretty close to what i was after. Even got the thumbs up from Sue Bryce herself so what more could i ask for!!

edinburgh portrait photographer



Sara & Margaret Mother & Daughter Make Over Shoot- Edinburgh

At the weekend i had the great pleasure of photographing two lovely ladies, a good friend of mine and her mum.  This was the first shoot in my new studio (which i hope to blog about soon too!) We had a lot of laughs, these girls have a great sense of humor! It was so lovely to photograph a mother and daughter again as i know that they will cherish these photos forever.

Mother and daughter make over shoot Edinburgh

Mother & Daughter Make Over – Edinburgh Portrait Photographer

This beautiful shoot is one of my favourite portrait shoots to date, you really couldn’t ask for a more gorgeous mother and daughter!  I loved this shoot as it really defined what i want to be as a photographer.  I want to celebrate women, women feeling beautiful and confident and capturing that.  I also think its so important to get photos taken, not only by yourself to remember how fabulous you look, but also with loved ones to remember what you both looked like at certain moments in your life together.  I wish i had more of me and my mum as i really only remember her looking like she does now! Photos like these are to be treasured forever and should be continued to be taken throughout the years. ❤


Make up By Alexis Aitchison make over photoshoot edinburgh make over photoshoot edinburgh make over photoshoot edinburgh make over photoshoot edinburgh _MG_7740 _MG_7818 _MG_7848 _MG_7850