Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Sophia & Danny – Kirsty Stroma Photography

Its been a busy month of moving house and renovations so it felt so good to be behind the camera again at last weeks engagement shoot!  We went a stroll around the Botanics but decided rather than go to the obvious spots, wander round the wilder edges,get under some trees (no plants were harmed :P) so it felt like we were in the middle of a forest.  I love this time of year for shooting. the sun is getting low and it makes for such great light. We then went up and got a few by the glasshouse as its pretty amazing even from the outside.  Got lots of lovely photos ❤

Edinburgh Portrait Photographer – Kathryn

A lovely fellow photographer contacted me to get some head shots done for her website.  Its daunting but flattering to get asked by another photographer to work for them!  We strolled around Cammo estate and enjoyed the summer weather ( where has it gone?!) chatted and got some shots.


Edinburgh Portrait Photographer Edinburgh Portrait Photographer Edinburgh Portrait Photographer Edinburgh Portrait Photographer Edinburgh Portrait Photographer Edinburgh Portrait Photographer Edinburgh Portrait Photographer

Autumn Family Shoot – Kirsty Stroma Photography

Last month I had some very special visitors.  My other half’s sister and her two daughters came to stay for a few days. It was so nice to have them down as we only really get to see them once or twice a year and every time the kids have grown so much!

We had a fun packed week and on the last day Claire asked me to take some photos of the three of them.  It was pretty nerve wracking as Claire herself is a photographer, specialising in families and babies! We headed out to my favourite location and we couldn’t have asked for better weather, I love the low autumn light and its the only time of year i pray for bright sunshine during a shoot.  At first the kids were pretty excited as to them it was just a fun day out with uncle Mark and auntie Kirsty but we did get a few good shots in the end.

I think its so important to get photos taken regularly with you and your loved ones, even if you dont like getting your photo taken, just have a candid shoot with you playing with them.  You’ll look back and be so glad you did it, that you can remember what they were like at that time (and what you were like!) I’m one of those people that dont have very many family photos, or even photos with my mum or boyfriend!  I want to change that.

IMG_5168 IMG_5129 IMG_5114 IMG_5102 IMG_5036 IMG_5036.2 IMG_5025 IMG_4980 IMG_4943 IMG_4929 IMG_4875 IMG_4868 IMG_4836 IMG_4823 IMG_4748 claire2



When the kids were playing hide and seek with uncle Mark I stole Claire for some single shots.

IMG_5217.2 IMG_5247

And of course there were a few outtakes!

outtakes outtakes2 outtakes3


Winter is coming! Kirsty Stroma Photography

The weather has done a complete 180 since last week and its officially winter (we dont seem to get autumn in Scotland)

Ive been pretty quiet with shoots lately as ive been up down and all over the country with friends.  Hoping to get going again though and finally just do some work for myself.  Coudnt have picked a better time to start…its raining and the wind is howling!


Flash black of a shoot i did in similar conditions, Kirstin was amazing fighting the weather. I was wrapped up warm while i made her wear next to nothing!


The dress I made from a photographic print of the wall she is standing behind! This is the kind of stuff i love doing and i dont know why ive not been doing it!


Kirsty Stroma Photography Kirsty Stroma Photography

Rebecca – Portrait and Fashion Photography

A couple of months ago I had an evening shoot with Rebecca at one of my favourite locations in Edinburgh.  We were lucky enough to borrow some designs from Kirsty Elizabeth, which i absolutely love! The light was perfect and It turned out to be one of my favourite shoot, we got so many different looks.

This has also inspired me.  I want to start introducing this style of work into my client shoot, after all this is usually the work they see and like when they get in touch with me.  I want to be able to give people something different and a bit more special than your standard portrait session.  Il hopefully get some practice/ideas out in the next month. (although i fear i may have to be sticking to indoor shoot if this is the way the weather is going!)

I also had my first meeting with the Princess Trust, finally getting the ball rolling!

IMG_2129 IMG_2108 IMG_2040 IMG_2039-Recovered IMG_2009 IMG_1809 IMG_1889 IMG_1930 IMG_1959